Amazing Office Cubicle Décor Ideas 26
Amazing Office Cubicle Décor Ideas 26

48 Amazing Office Cubicle Décor Ideas

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If you work in an office that is divided only with partitions it can really be a challenge to filter out the office pollutants that circulate throughout the room such as viruses and germs from those who are coughing and sneezing; paint smells from office remodels; construction dust from office expansions; musty smell from the carpet; and stuffiness from lack of fresh circulating air.

Even though you can not control the air quality in the entire room you can control the air that immediately surrounds you with a personal air cleaner. Here are 4 tips for selecting an air cleaner that will create a sphere of fresh air around you.

1.  Choose an air cleaner small enough to fit on your desk or a file cabinet.

Placing the air cleaner on your desk or nearby file cabinet means that the air immediately surrounding you at your desk is being cleaned of pollutants and is surrounding you with pure fresh air when you are at your desk, where you probably spend most of your time when you are in your office.

2. Select an air cleaner whose sound matches the personality of your office. 

If the atmosphere in your office is very quiet, your personal air cleaner should be seen and not heard. Here are three examples to give you some idea of sound levels. Total silence measures 0 decibels (dB), a whisper is measured at 15 dB, and normal conversation at 60 dB.

If, however, your office has a lot of sound such as conversation, ringing phones copier machines, the decibel level for your air cleaner may be of little consequence.

3. A light-weight cleaner is best.

This means the air cleaner can be easily positioned to be in close proximity to wherever you spend the most time in your office, even if and when that position changes.

4. Choose an attractive addition to your office.

What you choose to have in your office represents you, so if the air cleaner is going to be on your desk, which is what we recommend, it should be attractive and fit in with your office décor. So choose an air cleaner that does not sacrifice style for function.

Working in an office cubicle can be challenging in terms of controlling the quality of air you breathe, but choosing an air cleaner that is small, light-weight, effective yet attractive means you can surround yourself with a sphere of fresh air in your office that will make you look forward to being at your desk.