Brilliant Hamptons Hallway That Look Fantastic 35
Brilliant Hamptons Hallway That Look Fantastic 35

45 Brilliant Hamptons Hallway That Look Fantastic

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Hallways, unlike living or working spaces, are designed for a different purpose. They are not places to sit down and relax and neither are they busy centers like the kitchen. Hallways function much like a mini journey, which connects you from one place to another or simply from one room to another.

Sometimes, a hallway could be right after the threshold of the doorway and sometimes they connect rooms together. For this reason, hallways can oftentimes become an intimidating place, especially in the dark.

Hallways are often neglected in the designing of the home. After all just how much can you beautify a plain hallway? You can’t place furniture in it. The furniture will only block the way. All you can really do is decorate the walls. You can, at the most, place a table at the end of the hallway, with a vase of flowers in it and a figurine.

Subtle, simple touches are the key to transforming a dull, scary hallway, into a place you would love to pass through. You don’t have to buy paintings to decorate the wall. You can take some of your favorite quotes and stencil the words onto the walls or you could hang a, cross stitch work of art or tapestry on it.

You could perhaps hang a cluster of photographs of your family. You can even paint the wall messily, with different colors you like and leave it like that! And if your wall is really, truly boring, you can ask your kids to do some legal, parent-approved graffiti or drawings! To play up the “street” look, you can add a street lamp to the hallway, or the kind that hangs outside your door.

The hallway is never complete without a long runner. The runner completes the visual appeal by drawing the eye throughout the length of the hallway. A bright colored area rug can add unexpected color, depth and vibrancy especially when the hallway is painted in neutral colors such as white, beige, light blue, grey or brown. The runner gives the hallway visual depth and makes it come alive by adding a “pop” of color.

You could choose to give your hallway a refreshing look by choosing a runner with a lovely floral design or you could give it an exotic look by choosing a long runner with an unusual Persian, Mexican or Native American design. Of course, the most interesting design for a hallway would be a red runner that runs along the length of your hallway, so that every one who walks through will feel like they are walking “on the red carpet.”

Lighting is also an important key to a pretty hallway. If you could have a window facing either east or west in the hallway, usually at the end of the hall, the natural light would bathe your hallway and automatically transform it without much effort on your part. It would be even more spectacular if you could have a skylight. Even a tiny hole could make a world of difference!