Simple Decorative Pillow Ideas 29
Simple Decorative Pillow Ideas 29

44 Simple Decorative Pillow Ideas

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If you’re looking to decorate your living space with accent pillows there are a few things you need to take into account to maximize the effectiveness of your decorative throws. The first thing you should do is take an inventory of the area you will be decorating.

It’s helpful to pull out a sheet of paper and take notes about the colors, furnishings, textures, and patterns that are already in the room. Be sure to put a star next to the primary colors and textures of the room as these as the base of your design and your decorative pillows should compliment them.

If you won’t be shopping online for your pillows (though I highly recommend it for this sort of task) you may want to snap a few pictures to make your current arrangement easy to remember when you go out to select your pillows.

Now that you have taken stock of the room in it’s current state you want to settle on a color scheme, you may already have an established theme or you may need to “tie things together” and this where decorative pillows can offer a lot of support.

If you are new to interior design, keep things simple and establish a theme based on three colors. The first is your primary color which is usually a very vibrant, bright or bold color which commands attention.

The second is your neutral color, which may be used in a abundance and should be a rather muted, neutral tone such as tan, white, shades of gray, or black. The final color in your scheme will be the accent that will be used heavily in your decorative items and sprinkled around your room’s decor to bring everything together.

Now that you have your colors together you are ready to go pillow shopping. The key elements to look for when selecting decorative pillows are their size, shape, and most importantly color and texture.

It is a good idea to use a mixture of textures to add a level of depth to the room, but depending on what you are going for you may opt to use a single fabric style in a variety of patterns and designs.

Remember that conflicting patterns can go together as long as there is some uniformity in their color or textures and the placement is just right, which brings us to our next point.

The most important phase of interior design with decorative pillows is the arrangement and placement of these pillows. It is a good practice to layer your pillow arrangement. In most cases you will want a minimum of two layers of pillows for a full comfortable look.

You should place your tallest or largest pillows in the back and reduce the size as you move forward. Unless you’re going for a very modern, futuristic look do not arrange your pillows in exact right angles or with absolute visual symmetry.

Give them a little tilt and offset the number of pillows on one side with the size of pillows on the other, this gives your arrangement a very natural look that is easy to take in while still maintaining balance.

Finally, just have fun and experiment. When you are starting out, look for inexpensive pillows that have the look that you want so you won’t be out of too much cash if you decide to go for a different look.

You can always upgrade to more authentic or name brand throw pillows later on. Also keep in mind the functional and practical implications of your arrangement; the last thing you want is to have to rearrange your pillows every time you set down.