Amazing Inspirational Lighting Ideas To Update Your Home 07
Amazing Inspirational Lighting Ideas To Update Your Home 07

43 Amazing Inspirational Lighting Ideas To Update Your Home

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Interior lighting is a great way to change the look and feel of your home without forcing you to redecorate completely. Modern lighting now offers you such a variety of flexible options that pretty much whatever you can think of, can be done with lights.

Old light bulbs have almost been completely replaced in the UK by more energy efficient, long lasting and more dynamic lights. This is not only better for your budget and the environment; it also gives you the opportunity to change the feel of you home with ease and to pull your home into the modern age.

To help inspire you to make changes to your home, here are a few ideas for changes you could make to key areas of your home.

Bathroom Ambiance

Bathrooms should either be a place that can invigorate you in the morning and help relax you at night. While natural sunlight is best for the morning, lighting can allow you to set a calming mood in the evening.

Avoid ceiling lights if possible and instead aim for floor or side lighting that is a warming colour. By having your lighting come from the floor you give the room a grounded feeling and avoiding shining a strong light in your eyes or on your body.

If possible, choosing lights that can be set to change colour slowly can also have a very soothing effect that works nicely while you soak for an hour in the bath.

Living Room Movie Experience

If you love watching movies in your living room then why not take your film watching to a whole other level. When selecting a television, be sure to get one that has an inbuilt interior light effect system.

These televisions have lights at the back which match the colour of what is one screen and project it up onto the wall behind your television. This gives any movie you watch a whole new dimension and makes you feel like your whole room is part of the movie.

Remote lighting in bedroom

Another tip is to set your bedroom up with remote lighting. There is nothing more annoying than having to get up out of bed after you are all tucked in because you can’t reach the light switch.

By choosing an interior light system such as modern wall lights which can be operated by remote control you will be able to turn on and off, dim and change colour of your lighting with just one finger.

Alternatively you may fancy trying a ‘clapper’ or other device that allows you to change you lighting with ease.