Unordinary Diy Stairs To Rock This Year 30
Unordinary Diy Stairs To Rock This Year 30

43 Unordinary Diy Stairs To Rock This Year

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There are many good reasons to choose a DIY stair lift system for your home, and of course, price is the most important reason. Today’s typical stair lifts for multi-level homes can cost upwards of $15,000 or more, depending on whether or not you have a straight or curved staircase.

Curved lifts cost more, simply because they must be custom-made to fit each individual staircase. There is no way around having to purchase a custom-made lift for this type of staircase. However, for most people who live in homes with straight staircases, it is certainly do-able to purchase a DIY stair lift for under $3, 000.

The savings is found in installing the model yourself, but you still get a warranty and guarantee for new models. Here are some good reasons, other than the price, to choose a stair lift system that can be installed by most homeowners.

Easy to Install

It may surprise you that DIY stair lifts are very easy to install, even if you only know how to use a screwdriver and wrench. If you have a straight staircase, you can purchase a lift system that comes in a kit with a track, chair and delivery system.

Many are designed to be up and running out of the box within 2 or 3 hours, with only a little know-how. In fact, there are even instructional videos that you can help you to put one together easily and efficiently.


This type of lift system is generally compact and simple to get up and running in no time. It doesn’t take up a lot of space on the stair case and will attach easily to the steps or the wall, depending on which model you choose.

The chair lift is generally ample enough to accommodate anyone, yet isn’t too large nor does it take up too much space on the staircase, which can still allow people to walk up and down it easily.

Visually pleasing

A compact, DIY lift system doesn’t overwhelm the staircase, nor does it have a lot of parts that are exposed on the wall or staircase area.

Many are designed to display a neutral decor that blends in easily with any home style you have. The simplicity of this design is easy to adjust to, both visually and practically.

Safety features

Even though these models are less expensive than their counterparts that must be installed by a professional installer, they still offer the same safety features.

Chairs are made with safety belts, there is an automatic safety guard that shuts the system down whenever anything obstructs the tract and there is an automatic shut-off on the hand control that is activated whenever pressure is released from the button.

These are just some of the good reasons to choose a home DIY stair lift system, although the financial savings are rather spectacular, compared to company installed models.

If you think you’re up to doing a home installation yourself, be sure to choose a reputable company that is listed with the Better Business Bureau and that offers a money back guarantee on their products.