Perfect Traditional Stairs To Inspire Yourself 34
Perfect Traditional Stairs To Inspire Yourself 34

41 Perfect Traditional Stairs To Inspire Yourself

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Adjustable brackets have many advantages compared to conventional stair building. With adjustable stair brackets, you can custom fit deck stairs into an exact area, forming any rise or run required.

Traditional stair building is rigid and not forgiving. If you miscalculate or need to make some adjustments, then you have to throw out your materials and start all over again.

The adjustable bracket method also differs from conventional stair construction with its ease of installation. The automatic adjustable system only needs 3 saw cuts per stringer and you can make your deck stairs up to 7 feet wide.

Only 2 stringers are necessary. No center stringers are needed at all because riser acts as a load-bearing joist, spanning across the stair between the two stringers, giving you stronger stairs.

Literally, in 3 steps you can build deck stairs. With the traditional method you must custom cut, align and support several stringers as needed for the stair width. This requires a high degree of skill.There’s a lot less waste of wood too. With traditional stringers you cut away half the strength when forming the stair.

Also, you don’t have the frustration with math and all the mistakes that come from mathematical error with the new building method. In most cases, a simple adjustment will eliminate the error. This will save you a lot of time.

Adjustable brackets not only adjust, but are also approved as ‘joist hangers’. This allows you to attach 2″ thick risers that span across the stair like floor joists, every 10″ or 11″ between the two stringers.

This eliminates the need for several center stringers running down the stair as in conventional construction. Since there are only two stringers, you also eliminate the need to align and attach several cut stringers in order to build your stair.

Another benefit to using brackets is that they provide ‘code compliant’ rail post support. According to the accredited testing, the brackets are used to provide rail post support for any type of wood stair which meets the code requirement for 200lb.

Lateral load at 42″. Conventional stair building doesn’t have a good solution for this rail post attachment problem. If a big person presses on the railing in traditional stair framing, it can easily give way.

In addition to deck stairs, the brackets can be used for interior stairs: basement stairs, tongue and groove stairs, and even concrete formwork.