Pretty Nordic Living Room Design Ideas 08
Pretty Nordic Living Room Design Ideas 08

45 Pretty Nordic Living Room Design Ideas

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The second largest of Sweden’s cities, Gothenburg is the fifth largest city in the Nordic countries.

There is plenty to do for all the family, including some fantastic fishing and flea markets for you to peruse at your pleasure. The fishing harbour in the city is a hive of activity for locals and tourists alike. Visit the Feskekorka fish market where you can buy all sorts of delicacies, caught tin the day.

The building was an experiment by an architect, inspired by gothic churches and Norwegian staves. He wanted to have a room without pillars, and succeeded in the building that today houses the wonderful market.

If you like the coastal area, then you can take a boat over to Branno a lovely island off the mainland, where the ballad composer Lasse Dahlqvist lived. You can visit the ballad festival in the summer and see traditional dance as well as small markets for trinkets.

For an interesting walk around the city try the dramatised city walks, perfect for if you are trying to impart a little education on your children during the trip, but in a really fun way.

If you like your food then there are some gorgeous little Swedish restaurants that you can visit to try the local cuisine.

Gothenburg also has a wheel, much like the London eye, that gives you a panoramic view of the city. When visiting, this is well worth a visit to see the sprawling city below.