Creative And Easy Make Secondary Focal Points Beautiful Interior 19
Creative And Easy Make Secondary Focal Points Beautiful Interior 19

40 Creative And Easy Make Secondary Focal Points Beautiful Interior

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The mantel is one of the major attractions of a fireplace. It serves as an accent to the structure and gives it a unique appeal. This can show a simple style or it can have elaborate designs as well.

This part is what you see on the upper portion or the entire frame of the fireplace opening. It is often used as an area to display artwork pieces and decorations such as huge scented candles, figurines and picture frames.

Fireplace mantel designs vary in so many ways today. They feature versatile and attractive materials that suit every home’s interior or exterior design theme.


Fireplace mantels can be made from wood, cast stone, ceramic tiles, marble or limestone. Depending on your budget, they can be mixed and matched to achieve the design you want.

And as most of them are fire resistant, these mantels can fit any type of fireplace whether it uses wood or gas for fuel.

Cast stones dominate many modern fireplace mantel designs today due to their light weight. As they’re not the bulky and heavy type, they’re easier to work with.

Another reason for their popularity is the fact that they can disguise as a limestone, granite, marble or slate because of the availability of various colors that simulate those other durable materials.

Focal point

As a fireplace can be used as the focal point of a room’s interior design, the overall theme of the space can start from this structure.

If this is the case, it would be a good idea to make your fireplace mantel design a standout.

Fireplace mantel designs can be the frame type or the shelf type or the cabinet type. It can just cover the entire opening of the fireplace or it can extend up to the ceiling.

Styles that go up the ceiling can be used to display large art pieces such as paintings to make it a real attraction in the home.

The shelf and cabinet style can be used to display home decors as well as smaller art works that complement the overall interior theme of the room.

Design styles

Popular traditional fireplace mantel design styles you can choose from are the Classic, Renaissance, French, Italian, Victorian and Gothic among many others.

These styles are known for their intricate designs such as the carvings that are a cut above the more modern designs.

The best part about the fireplace mantel design is it can be customized to suit your particular style.

Many manufacturers have brought their business online these days which means great convenience on the part of the customers.

The fireplace of the past has greatly evolved through the years. Today, this structure does not only serve its major purpose of heating a home but it is also recognized for its aesthetics.

Some homeowners actually prefer to have a fireplace in their home primarily as a means to enhance the beauty of their interior space. The heating function is only secondary.

So as a reminder, never forget the mantel when planning the design of your fireplace regardless of the place where you will be placing it in your home.

This part can give your fireplace added value and beauty.