Charming Boucherouite Rugs Design For Awesome Room Ideas 18
Charming Boucherouite Rugs Design For Awesome Room Ideas 18

48 Charming Boucherouite Rugs Design For Awesome Room Ideas

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When it comes to adding art to your home, true designer rugs can be created with custom canvas rugs or floor cloths as they are often referred to; these are a terrific option for creating artistic flair for the floor.

Rugs such as these provide a great way to freshen up a room or entry and with custom colors and unique designs bring together other elements of a room. Herein is a brief guide to the many benefits of choosing a custom canvas rug over other traditional types of rugs.

Artistic Design: A designer rug can come in a number of different sizes, shapes and colors (and designs). They can be painted with designs that are extremely intricate, or simplistic with a solid color and contrasting borders. In fact, these types of rugs should be considered a form of artwork, placed on your floor rather than your walls!

Noise Reduction: Canvas rugs can help absorb noise; in Costa Rica many homes are built with cement block and tile floors often creating an echo with voices, music or barking dogs! The canvas material used in making these types of rugs can be room-size large or smaller area rugs placed throughout the home to help absorb excessive noise.

Flexibility: The main benefit of choosing a custom canvas rug over other types of rugs is the customization of colors and design but also that they can be moved very easily. If you change your mind about what you like, simply roll up your canvas rug and store it, or reposition it to create a new effect. They also have so many different functions, such as creating a theme in a room, bringing furniture and other elements together, or dividing the room into different sections. And, they are ideal for protected outdoor areas.

Easy Care: The sturdy material of cotton canvas for these types of designer rugs, and the final treatment to preserve them, allows for a long life. Canvas rugs hold up beautifully to high traffic areas, and with minimal care, a simple damp sponge or mop, you can expect these to last for decades.

Choosing Your Designer Rug and Your Custom Rug Designer: The rug designer you choose should take the time to ask or better yet, visit where you’re considering the rug and which of the functions above are most important to you. Although a fun-filled challenge can be had by making your own designer rug, it does take some experience to produce a perfectly painted floor cloth.

Look for a designer who has made several custom rugs; ask to see photos or a website. Get referrals for the canvas rug maker in your area. The most important thing, however, is to make sure whom ever is going to make the rug for you, has proven artistic talent and can provide you with preliminary design ideas drawings for ideas based on your needs.