Superb Shade Garden Design Ideas 03
Superb Shade Garden Design Ideas 03

48 Superb Shade Garden Design Ideas

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Have you looked outside lately and wondered if there is anything you can do to beautify your shade garden? There are a variety of shade garden flowers and decor to choose from to give your outdoor space some pizazz.

Maybe your garden or patio doesn’t get any direct sunlight or only partial sunlight during the day due to shade from buildings, trees or patio covers. Do you think you can’t have a colorful and beautiful garden? Not to worry! Here are a few plant and garden decor ideas for a wonderful shade garden.

1#Selecting the right plant for a shade garden is essential to the survival of the plant. To ensure success only pick flowers that grow well in shade. Some colorful shade garden flowers that do very well in the shade are: fuchsias, azaleas, begonias, gardenias, camellias and impatiens. Plants that will add some greenery are mosses and ferns. These plants will grow well in hanging baskets, pots, window boxes and of course your garden beds. Give each plant plenty of room to grow and spread its roots.

2#Add decor throughout the garden or patio area. Here are several decor ideas that are pleasing to the senses: statuary, bird baths, bird feeders, windmills, arbors, wind chimes, stepping-stones and water elements like a pond or fountain. Watch as the birds come to visit the bath or feeder as you listen to a babbling fountain or musical wind chime. All of these ideas will beautify your shade garden and make an inviting space for gatherings as well.

3#Choose comfortable furniture that is made for outdoor use. Make sure you add a bench or seating area so you can relax and enjoy your new-found paradise. There are many types of outdoor furniture to choose from including: stone and wooden benches, clustered seating such as love seats and sofas, or patio tables and chairs. Adding a beautiful arbor with a bench underneath makes an attractive focal point in your garden as well as another place to relax.

Be sure to add a side table or coffee table so you have somewhere to place your cup of tea or coffee as you read the newspaper or a good book. Finally, make sure you take the time to just simply enjoy the tranquility and beauty of your new shade garden flowers and decor.