Amazing Cool Backyard Pools For Inspiration 16
Amazing Cool Backyard Pools For Inspiration 16

45 Amazing Cool Backyard Pools For Inspiration

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Haven’t you always wanted to build a backyard pool? The sight of kids splashing around in a swimming pool is as American as Mom and apple pie.

If you’ve been wavering on whether or not to finally take the plunge and have a swimming pool built in your backyard, here are some great reasons for having one that just might push you over the edge.

1. You will always know where your kids are. Every parent worries about where their kids are and who they’re playing or hanging around with. With a backyard pool, it’s an almost sure bet that your children and their friends will spend a lot of time near your home. Your house will be the “cool” house, the one where everyone wants to be.

2. Public pools can be a hazard to your health. All humans shed skin and accompanying bacteria all day long: in a public pool setting, those organisms thrive, multiply, and expose swimmers to all kinds of pathogens. Not a summer goes by when a public pool in the community doesn’t announce an outbreak of some kind. To avoid skin infections, disease, and just the basic “ick” factor of public pools, why not have your own?

3. Your backyard will be transformed into an instant oasis. A swimming pool brings with it instant tranquility and a ready-made way to reduce the stresses of the day. Being able to slip into the water and swim is healthy for both the body and the spirit: so is lounging by the pool in a nice comfy chair, margarita in hand.

4. Your property value will increase. When you go to sell your home, you will have an instant advantage over other house sellers.

5. Today’s swimming pools require a lot less maintenance than their predecessors did. The improvement in chemical treatments and cleaning systems mean that you will be spending much more time having fun with your family and a whole lot less taking care of the pool.

Whether you want to own a swimming pool in Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, or Salt Lake City, make sure to select a skilled building company that has plenty of experience with designing and creating beautiful pools in your area. After all, if you’re going to do this, you want it done right.