Awesome Basement Apartment Ideas You Have To Know 17
Awesome Basement Apartment Ideas You Have To Know 17

43 Awesome Basement Apartment Ideas You Have To Know

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Having a basement at home can be utilized in a number of ways and all it needs is some careful designing and utilizing the accessories in the right manner.

A home can be made to look more beautiful with a simple basement and a small sized basement can work wonders to the home.

With most of the people feeling bad about less space at their place, interior decorators and other architects always try using even the smallest corner of the home to make it appear beautiful. This helps to give it a better feel and satisfies the need of a bigger home.

Tips to have a spacious basement

* One best way to make the best use of a basement is to always have it adjoining to some bigger room like a living room. This would help it appear spacious and also it can be converted to a guest room, as well.

* To give a spacious feel to the basement, it is suggested to use light pastel colors like white, pink and other bright tones.

* Avoid using darker shades like red, black etc, as they make the place look more small and congested.

* Using the horizontal patterns for walls would make it appear more spacious.

* It is also recommended that rather than separating a basement from rest of the home with a solid wood door, it is good to leave it open or else use a glass and slider door as this gives a less closed look to the basement

* Another important aspect to be considered for a spacious basement is that never to include several accessories and equipments. This makes the place look more cluttered and consumes the required space.

* A basement should be constructed at a position where some sunlight can easily enter the space. This keeps the area ventilated and also gives ample amount of natural light to the room.

* As basement is the lowest part of a home, it must have water proof roofing and flooring. This prevents the room against a number of water leaking problems.

* The best uses of the basement can be made by converting it into a living room or a mini home theater system.

* As this part of the home is going to have less of light, so effective and efficient lighting schemes must be chosen.

* Diffused light conditions can be given with different types of low power bulbs. This gives an ambient and relaxed environment to the place.

* The use of spotlights would further enhance the area and give it a different appearance.

People have been found adding some room plants to this part of the home so as to keep it clean, green and ventilated. Apart from this, a homeowner can also use the basement for storage purposes.

It is not necessary that it needs to be a different room. A basement itself serves the purpose of storing room. This part can be used to dumb all junk items and keep the rest of the home de-cluttered.