Amazing Masculine Bedroom Design Ideas 23
Amazing Masculine Bedroom Design Ideas 23

47 Amazing Masculine Bedroom Design Ideas

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A masculine bedroom doesn’t mean that the bedroom can’t be romantic and appealing to the lady of the house also. It is much easier to create a bedroom reflecting masculine designs that a lady will love than it is to create a frilly bedroom that a man will feel comfortable with.

Not really the way we’re used to thinking is it..? No doubt because the woman is usually the designer, right? Let’s try and do something new with our bedding this time. Where do we begin then..?

Masculine bedrooms are often created through color and clean lines. Black, blue, purple, green are some of the beautiful colors on the masculine pallet. Fabrics can just about any material you desire.

Egyptian cotton, cotton/polyester blend, jacquard weave, velvet, faux suede and leather are all choices in the bedroom for the man. Faux fur and animal prints are also popular masculine choices for bedding designs.

Eastern Accents’ Linden duvet is an example of the use of neutral colors and details to create a masculine feel to the bedroom. The duvet print is tiny leafs in shades of ivory, tan and light brown.

The feeling, when paired with the matching accessories which feature button details, will give the bedroom that man’s touch that a lady would be happy to enjoy as well. Nifty!

Signore DiFirenze has created a beautiful bedding collection that would please any man. This ensemble features the romance of satin and jacquard weaves and masculine colors and patterns to create the perfect elegant man’s bedding.

This modern bedding, straight from Italy, is created of 100% Egyptian combed cotton. The duvet cover is interwoven jacquard on top and solid satin weave on the reverse. Sheets and pillow cases are solid satin with contract borders.

This set is available in four color combinations, all very masculine and based on nature tones.

Blue suede has been considered masculine ever since Elvis crooned “Blue Suede Shoes” long ago. Blue Suede Shoes from Nygard Home uses faux brushed suede material to create a duvet cover that would be perfect in a man’s bedroom or great for a romantic couple.

Faux fur accents pillows in the same dark blue pallet makes for the perfect set. Nygard Home’s Supreme Solid Sheets allow you to mix and match the sheets and pillow cases to go with the faux suede comforter.

Consider a blue fitted sheet with a white top sheet, covered by the blue faux suede duvet for a classic, clean design. Nygard Home’s Supreme Solid sheets are 100% Egyptian cotton in 335 thread count for a luxury feel. Hem details make these the sheets for your man’s bedroom.

Legend by Lawrence Home is another great choice for a bedding ensemble with a masculine touch. Created of faux suede and distressed faux leather, the shades of brown, gold, camel, tan and earth tones will become the bedroom’s focal point.

The matching sheets are 220 thread count 100% cotton in a distressed leather print. You can choose a comforter or a duvet cover; each are created from the asymmetrical leather and suede pieces and add throw pillows in solid colors hailing form the bedding design.

Add a warm bedside lamps and distressed wood night stands and you have the perfect bedroom for him that she will also love.

Karin Maki’s African Dawn comforter set makes another wonderful choice for a man’s bedroom. The wildlife print features elephants, giraffes, leopards, lions, and jungle landscapes in an all over print based on earth tones of brown, tan, ivory, camel, and more.

The comforter sets are heavy weight jacquard and include the comforter and shams and bed skirt. Complete the look by adding zebra, a leopard and elephant throw pillows.

Any tropical bedroom or masculine room would look great dressed in this comforter set with good quality solid colored sheets by any manufacturer.

Mossy Oak Strip Comforter set is another masculine choice. The camouflage strips mix with the solid strips to create a feel that isn’t completely camouflage but is completely masculine.

This set comes with comforter, bed skirt and pillow shams. While a camouflage bedroom isn’t every woman’s dream, the solid colors intermingled with the masculine camouflage makes this choice one that anyone could enjoy in the bedroom.

True Grit’s designs include Bear Valley, a very good looking bedding set featuring bears walking in rows across the solid burgundy reminiscent of the mountain’s majesty.

This Berber bedding comforter and shams match the corduroy bed skirt, creating a wonderful look with solid colored linens of your choice.

By accessorizing your selection with masculine touches, you can turn any bedroom featuring solid colors or masculine prints into a perfect man’s bedroom. Pillar lamps, earthy paintings, plush throw rugs, and genuine wooden furniture add masculinity to any room.

So you can really break out of old ideas of bedroom design now! Get bold, let your imagination go and see what you can come up with!