Creative DIY Wooden Pallet Ideas 34
Creative DIY Wooden Pallet Ideas 34

47 Creative DIY Wooden Pallet Ideas

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From the catering industry to DIY stores, the vast majority of businesses will need some form of either racking or work bench, if not both. Racking includes a variety of storage systems such as shelving and vertical racks where anything from paperwork to very heavy stock can be organised and stored.

Workbenches too can be used for a variety of reasons, from preparing food to sawing wood, and are an integral part of many work areas.

However, just as there are many different types of business in the world today, so too are there many types and styles or racking and workbenches. The key to choosing the correct one for your needs is to bear in mind what it will be used for and hence the design elements that it must have to fit the purpose.

A restaurant or other commercial kitchen, for example, will most likely need to store packaged and fresh foods, bottles of wine and other beverages and all of the cooking utensils and crockery associated with food production.

The chef will also need an area, or perhaps many areas, where he or she can cut, mix and otherwise prepare the dishes. This gives a basic need to have a multitude of adapted storage systems, plus a need for various workbenches where work can be carried out.

Firstly, let us decide which racking systems are best for storage in the kitchen. Stainless steel piped shelves are durable and allow water to drain off of items, perfect for storing freshly washed cooking utensils hygienically without the worry that bacteria will build up. Wipe clean racking units are great as they can be quickly and easily cleaned, aiding the company in complying with health and safety regulations.

Large wine racks or wine storage units are perfect for restaurants that need to keep many bottles in stock at any one time, or if you are worried about security a lockable storage cage made from steel mesh keeps valuable produce safe.

These cages can be built into other shelving units for a clean, sleek and space saving look. Service trolleys with wheels may also be a great choice, if the food will need to be transported in large quantities.

As for finding the correct work bench for your company kitchen, stainless steel is highly durable which is ideal when food items will be chopped directly onto the work bench, plus it is easy to clean for a safe and hygienic kitchen.

Corner benches are the perfect choice for very small kitchens that need to maximise the space available. If you do not already have somewhere to store knives and other cooking utensils, it may be a good idea to look for one of the many workbenches that come with built-in drawers.

Work benches are also available that have shelving below, incorporate a work bench and racking in one.

However if you own a DIY store for example, your racking and work bench needs will be very different. Wooden pallets can be used in racking systems that could not be used in a kitchen, as they are less easy to clean, but this will likely not be much of a problem for your business.

Heavy duty racking is available with reinforced frames and bolted floor fixings to prevent toppling and to allow the racking to withstand a lot of weight.

Rather than your main health concern being the cleanliness of the surfaces, you will most likely be worried about heavy items falling from the shelves, for which accessories such as deck supports and safety clips are available. You may also want to consider racking that comes with built-in corner protectors too.

The work bench that you choose will also be very different to one required for the catering industry. Again, wood is most likely your best bet and there are various heavy duty workbenches available with chipboard surfaces.

You might also want to consider premium options, which cost more but will mean that you do not need to buy other items such as shelving and small storage boxes, as these can be found built-in.

This not only saves you the cost of buying these extra items, it also keeps everything together in one compact work bench.