Inspiring Kitchen Bars Stove Design Ideas 11
Inspiring Kitchen Bars Stove Design Ideas 11

46 Inspiring Kitchen Bars Stove Design Ideas

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Black leather bar stools have gained in popularity recently because of the popularity of contemporary style kitchen designs that feature either stainless steel appliances and furniture, or chrome appliances and furniture.

Buying bar stools or counter stools often comes as an after thought – you would either purchase the kitchen elements first, or rent a house or an apartment with a furnished kitchen.

Then, you would realize that a bar top or a counter top is not only a place to conveniently prepare food at, but is also a place where a quick bite and a quick drink can be readily consumed as well.

Unlike the kitchen table, after all, not many people would put their laptops on the bar top, just because it is so narrow and high up there to be dangerous! So there is room to prepare food on the kitchen bar top and sometimes on the kitchen counter top too! And you sometimes just want to sit down real quick. That is where backless bar stools come in!

Black leather used for the bar or counter stool seat cushion and the foot or the feet in chrome finish will complement stainless steel finish, contemporary kitchens wonderfully. The three reasons for that are elegance, convenience, and utility. Let’s see why.

Elegance of black leather backless bar stools

Sometimes elegance is hard to pin down but in the case of backless black leather bar stools in chrome finish, it comes from two sources: simplicity due to a seat-only, clear-lines design, and universal style due to colorless black leather seat / chrome foot finish.

Convenience and Utility

Because of the simplicity of the backless design, and because of the ease that the height adjustment mechanism incorporates into the foot design, and because of the seamless integration of the seat swivel mechanism, a backless bar stool becomes highly convenient to use.

You can use it at the bar with the maximum height adjustment, you can use it at the counter top with the minimal height adjustment. You can possibly use a kitchen bar stool in a game room, perhaps with an in-between adjustment to match a small dinette table.

And getting on and off the stool is a breeze. Take a full advantage of the swivel feature while you are at it. Climb the stool and sit facing away from the bar. Then swivel yourself into the bar, facing the food and the drinks.

When you are done using backless bar stools, and need space, you will be able to stove them away conveniently using the minimal position. Due to no back rest, and no arm rests, the backless counter stool takes up very little space.