Amazing Kitchens Design Ideas With A Brick Wall 36
Amazing Kitchens Design Ideas With A Brick Wall 36

41 Amazing Kitchens Design Ideas With A Brick Wall

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Wall coverings can provide a quick and easy way of revitalizing a room or your entire home. While there are many great wall covering ideas, most of us are unlikely to think outside the box and we generally rely on paint or wallpaper as our main wall coverings.

But, before you rush off to the paint store and pick up the newest fad colour, take some time to consider the myriad of interesting and decorative wall covering ideas that can transform your home. After all, your walls are the largest aspect of your home when it comes to decorating ideas and you can have a lot of fun with different types of wall coverings.


So, we’ll start with the obvious choices as most of us will eventually decided to paint because it can be cost effective and easy to apply. When choosing paint colours for your home, be creative but also remember to coordinate your walls.

You may want to apply some bright, dramatic colours but you also need to consider the liveability of the space. Striking colours may best suit smaller spaces like the bathroom, whereas something more subtle would be a great option for a formal living room.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour combinations in rooms where a feature wall is painted a different colour from the rest of the room. You can also take some time to try different painting techniques from stencils and colourwashes, to ragging or stippling.


Today’s wallpapers are available in a stunning array of colours, patterns, textures, and finishes that provide different effects. A couple of factors to consider before putting up wallpaper are the durability and ease of cleaning that different paper provides.

Fabric papers may give a touching finish to your dining room, but are more difficult to clean and not as appropriate for a children’s room. In addition, many wallpapers mimic paint effects and may actually be easier and quicker than painting.

Choose your wallpaper based on the final look you are aiming for as wallpapers can provide contemporary, traditional, or modern looks.

Tiles and Brick

We don’t often consider tiles as a wall covering idea unless we are working in the bathroom or kitchen. Yet tiles can also be used as a unique style design in any room of the house.

There are many tile patterns and designs that would be ideal for a feature wall and are especially suited for modern architectural interiors. Furthermore, even though tiles can be more painstaking to install, they are also easy to clean and durable.

Alternatively, natural or faux bricks can create a very cozy ambiance in a living room or recreational space. Many old homes, especially in Europe, feature brick walls and these kinds of traditional features, similar to exposed beams, are a very trendy design choice.

Even if you don’t have natural brick in your home, you can find inexpensive faux bricks that are as easy to install as tile.