Affordable And Modern Backyard Fence Design Ideas 44
Affordable And Modern Backyard Fence Design Ideas 44

45 Affordable And Modern Backyard Fence Design Ideas

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The timber fence is an Australian icon. These fences are tough as nails and  can look very elegant as well, a picture-perfect feature around any home.

They can last forever with some very basic care, and they’re extremely adaptable and easy to use in any setting and on any job.

Timber fences- The designer’s dream. Timber fences are almost a reflex choice for Australians. They’re extremely dependable. A good timber fence can last for generations without needing much if any work done on it.

They’re kid and garden-friendly, keeping the pets and the footballs inside and the world outside. They’re great in summer, good heat reflectors, efficient windbreaks, and they’re now considered best choice as noise blockers.

The modern timber fences and gates have carried on the traditions well. The Aussie backyard loves its privacy and comfort, and the new fences are designed to provide just that. They’re big, beautiful, and they go with everything.

The “timber look” is another famous Australian home tradition, and the treated pine plantation timber is perfect for that look. Solid timber, long life Treated timber is practically indestructible. That’s another reason for the popularity of these fences.

They’re termite-proof, and last forever. In any Australian city you can see old timber fencing which really looks like it’s always been there. It probably has. Timber fencing has earned its reputation as a good long term investment.

It can handle exposure, sloping sites, and just about any environmental issue and it’s perfect for boundary areas where you need solid fencing.

These fences come in a wide range of styles and designs, including privacy screens, which are becoming a major fashion and architectural statement as well as practical fencing options. Maintenance and care of timber fences is easy.

The most you’ll need to do  is keep an eye out for any signs of wear. If anything does need doing, it’s easy.

Replacement pieces are easy to get, made to measure. Most timber fences can be completely maintained without a lot of effort or cost. The only requirement for major maintenance is likely to occur with old fences which haven’t had the basic care they need.

Supports may become loose, and the fence is unbalanced, which means it will need professional help. Fortunately for homeowners, in most cases that just involves resetting and replacing parts as required.

Supports keep your fence in good condition The main structural elements of timber fencing are the supports. These are firmly laid at the time of setting up the fence, and usually don’t have any problems unless damaged or very late in their lives.

Keep an eye on the supports, and you’ll see any possible problems before they happen. It’s a good idea to get some professional help from fencing contractors if you’re looking at cracks in supports or if the base is shifting for some reason.

These can be major issues, but they’re not insoluble, and easy to fix if you get to work on them quickly.